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A platform that allows Ukrainian dialogue actors to constructively discuss the future of their country.

We are building a space where you can share, visualise and analyse dialogue information from all over Ukraine.

Access the platform

More than a social network

We go beyond the “likes” and the “shares” and take on the “learn” and the “change”. Our approach is transformative, not only looking to generate discussion and exchange but also to draw lessons from the process and help those who will put them to work.

A platform that reaches everyone

The Dialogue Support platform puts Ukrainian dialogue facilitators on the driver’s seat in a process to understand each other and influence decision-making.

World class expertise

We are facilitators and mediators with a track record in international dialogue and mediation support. We provide the platform, the facilitation and the training required by a dialogue process.

Designed for change

Local and international organisations have made an effort to build dialogue in Ukraine. We want to help them carry the voice of Ukrainians affected by conflict to the policy level and the international community, building positive change.


About our team

The Ukraine Dialogue Support platform is an initiative by mediatEUr, a Brussels-based non-profit organisation. We work to support the peaceful transformation of armed conflicts within and between states by promoting the use of innovative and effective methods of conflict resolution, dialogue and mediation. We have international experience in Georgia, Yemen, Myanmar, the Philippines and Kosovo, among others. Since 2013 we have been working with Ukrainian and international organisations to support  dialogue initiatives in the country. 

If you have any questions, ideas, comments, or if you would like to discuss potential cooperation,  you can get in touch at ukraine@themediateur.eu

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In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

UNDP is our main partner and funder, and they provide their expertise on social cohesion to support the work of the platform.

In Ukraine, UNDP seeks to support Ukraine in its path of sustainable development to prosperity. Restoring social cohesion and promoting understanding, reconciliation and consensus between and within different regions and communities can only be achieved  through inclusive and participatory dialogue.

Collaborate with us

We are currently looking for funding and for people who would like to volunteer and help give all Ukrainians a voice in dialogue.

If you work for a company, government or organisation, your employer can support peace in Ukraine by supporting our effort. You can get in touch via email at ukraine@themediateur.eu

If you are a professional in the fields of mediation, facilitation or dispute resolution, your skills and experience can help make this a success. Get in touch with us at ukraine@themediateur.eu and we will help you set up your facilitator account.