About the Platform

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An in-country and online platform to support dialogue for peace in Ukraine

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has claimed the lives of at least six thousand people, has collapsed the country, and is dividing Europe. In different parts of the country, local groups and international organisations are running dialogue initiatives to find solutions to manage the conflict.

What is it?

The Ukraine Dialogue Support Platform is an online and in-country platform that helps Ukrainian dialogue actors connect with each other, understand their needs, and communicate with national actors and the international community, utilising interactive, modern dialogue technologies.

What is the aim?

Our goal is to generate positive thinking to help transform the conflict that has affected Ukraine since 2013, utilising modern technologies and dialogue expertise. We connect Ukrainian dialogue experts with people at all levels of society, allowing for horizontal dialogue, and fostering exchange with the policy level and the international community. Ultimately, the platform helps define options for regional engagement, reform, and a way forward. We do this through an in-country project that supports local dialogue efforts and an online platform that allows us to map, analyse and present the results of these efforts and expand their reach.

How does it contribute to dialogue in Ukraine?

  • Developing a comprehensive and constantly updated mapping of dialogue initiatives and facilitators across Ukraine, to make sense of the plethora of initiatives.
  • Helping local dialogue facilitators connect with each other to assess their own capacities, generating exchange, coordination and understanding. At the same time, helping dialogue facilitators connect with the central administration and the international community so that their findings can have an impact, helping dialogue initiatives gain traction, momentum and mitigating dialogue fatigue.
  • Capturing the information from the different dialogue initiatives in a comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date format, so that national and international actors can hear the voices of Ukrainian stakeholders from all regions.
  • Utilising modern technology to connect dialogue actors and policy-makers throughout the country. Promoting the exploration and use of new technology in fields like data visualisation and mapping.
  • Supporting structured thinking on future scenarios in conversation with policy-makers, based on the information collected.
  • Supporting the international community to better connect with Ukrainian facilitators.

What are the specific objectives?

  • To regularly convene a group of Ukrainian dialogue facilitators from all regions in Ukraine.
  • To design a modern, online platform to host different innovative methodologies for dialogue (including a mapping utilising Debategraph methodology) offering Ukrainian facilitators a secure online space for sharing, mapping, commentary, education, discussion and networking.
  • To train Ukrainian facilitators in the platform methodology.
  • To generate and promote horizontal exchange between Ukrainian facilitators and stakeholders, between facilitators and policy-makers, and between Ukrainians and internationals.
  • To establish a Donor Hub, which will serve as a platform allowing Ukrainian initiatives to showcase their past, present and future projects to donors, increasing transparency and building trust between initiatives and the donor community.
  • To organise a series of regular Dialogue Analysis and Coordination (DAC) Meetings with the group of facilitators at the donor’s headquarters, to engage in a conflict and dialogue effort analysis.
  • To capture the results from the Dialogue Analysis and Coordination (DAC) Meetings in written and visual formats, keeping an updated database of conflict issues and actors and peace efforts, and extending it with analysis and commentary.
  • To serve as a reference point and tool for a dialogue process to support the thinking process.

Who is behind it, and who supports it?

The Platform is an initiative of mediatEUr, a Brussels-based non-profit organisation with expertise in mediation, dialogue, and mediation and dialogue support. We are a group of peace-builders dedicated to generating options for a peaceful future in Ukraine; our people include young social entrepreneurs, community mediators, high-level experts, and academics. Our main partner for this project is the UNDP in Ukraine, who has agreed to support our efforts and seek funding for the project, and we are seeking to cooperate with local and international organisations who can contribute to peace dialogue in Ukraine.

About mediatEUr

Alex Azarov

Alex is a professional mediator; after spending three months in Ukraine in 2014, he continues to work with local facilitators and internationals on developing dialogue. He is our field officer.


Miguel Varela

Miguel coordinated mediatEUr’s Ukraine Fact Finding Mission in 2014, and coordinates the work on the platform. He manages the project and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

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Antje Herrberg

Antje is an experienced mediator who has worked in many different contexts as UN Mediation Expert. She is mediatEUr’s CEO, and directs the work on the platform with her process design expertise.

What is the timeframe, and what are the milestones?

The original programme was designed for two years (24 months). We have secured basic funding for the first year, and will seek funding for the second 12 months.

Here’s our planned timeline.

[timeline src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1so_vjcFj7_JGlNHcRFt6G94dLyfswcbp0Q6qibA_UJE/pubhtml” width=”100%” height=”410″ font=”PT” maptype=”toner” lang=”en” ]

What is the required funding?

WThe first year of work requires at least 150,000 USD in order for us to be able to develop a minimally viable product — this would be the launching pad for the platform, and includes human resources, travel costs,  basic IT support, and support to local facilitators. However, the platform requires further support.

This is an innovative project that requires specific funding for IT support, so we can develop a modern, interactive and fully dynamic platform as well as having the capability to maintain the platform, to add planned modules to it and to add modules that may develop as the project progresses. With extra funding, we would be able to build in a strong security component and improve the user experience, allowing as well for external interaction via social media.

Additionally, with the initial funding, our capacity to support local facilitators is limited. With extra funding, we would be able to better support their efforts, cover all costs for their attendance to the DAC meetings, and support exchange between them and other international initiatives, programmes and courses that would help build their capacity.

If you would like to contribute, or if you have ideas on this, please get in touch with us.

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